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Change was fast and intense at the beginning of the twentieth century. The industrial revolution created new industries and upset existing ways of manufacturing products. Gone were the days of cottage industries and small scale production. The growth of manufacturing was especially significant to Wisconsin and the thousands of residents who were a part of the growing manufacturing base in the state. Factories needed skilled and trained workers to match the new demands of manufacturing.

Responding to these demands, in 1911, Wisconsin created the modern technical college system in the nation by becoming the first state to establish a system of state support and calling it the Vocational, Technical, Adult Education of Wisconsin.

Today our students work in some of Wisconsin’s most critical and high-tech industries, like health care, energy, and information technology. We educate roughly 330,000 students each year--more than any other higher education system in the state. Our graduates are everywhere-- doing the work that keeps our local communities strong. If someone you know requires emergency medical attention, they will encounter first responders and graduates in other critical careers on the way to the hospital before they ever speak with a doctor. Like the EMT, or the police officer, or the intake nurse and the medical technician, WTCS graduates like these occupy critical jobs in every community in Wisconsin.

As the world continues to change, the Wisconsin Technical College System will continue to be there to help our students discover their passion and achieve their potential.