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Steadying Business Through Shaky Times
By Sara Mackey, Marketing Communications Specialist

The ongoing undercurrent of uncertainty encompassing the economy just isn’t letting up. Labor remains in short supply, concerns about GDP, productivity and growth remain, while supply chain issues, increasing costs and global competition are rattling the confidence of the C-suite occupants.

Back in the early days of the Apple iPhone, consumers were reminded frequently by Apple iPhone’s spokesperson that if you have a personal need, don’t worry, “there’s an app for that.” 

And in today’s world where we are looking to steady our shaky economy or improve resiliency, we suggest that our technical colleges “have a class for that” and are positioned to help employers and employees improve morale and skills. In some cases, the college may even help write a grant that could ultimately pay for the employee development.

You might be surprised at the depth and breadth of information and advice you could harness in your company’s own backyard through the local technical college for you and/or your staff’s development. The options available are countless, between what subject each college offers and where and when the course or consulting is available. Whether your interest is for one-on-one consulting on a business plan, attending an occasional seminar, bringing in instructors to work side-by-side with your employees on your own campus, online sessions on varying topics, providing employee reimbursement for them to learn on their own time or whatever your preference, the technical colleges can more than likely meet the need.

Just to offer some examples, companies may secure whole degrees, one-off courses, or anything in between. Just about anything under the sun could be an option. A scan of our colleges’ business and industry training websites turned up hundreds of options, but here are a few examples:
  • Business plans
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public safety training and specializations
  • Hazmat training
  • Branded software training for Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle and more
  • Safety, quality, project management
  • Industry specific training for manufacturing, construction, dentistry, health care, criminal justice, business and more
  • Customer service, marketing, operations, leadership
  • Welding, machine maintenance, automation
  • Industry-specific licensing and certifications
If you want to explore options in more depth, visit your technical college’s website. You can get to all their sites by starting at wtcsystem.edu/colleges, then visit their business and industry services site or corporate training to learn more. If you don’t see the exact subject listed, don’t despair. It’s worth a call to the college, which can probably customize something for you and/or build upon something else that exists.  
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