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Include On-Campus Recruitment as Part of Your Hiring Strategy
In such a competitive market for finding talent, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to land the top prospects in your field. An effective way to connect with your future workforce and gain an advantage is one-on-one interaction through on-campus recruitment at a local technical college. By meeting directly with these soon-to-be graduates, you’re reaching a niche audience of highly trained students who are eager to find employment.
“On-campus recruiting allows us to come to the students, present to them who we are and what we do, rather than waiting for the students to find us,” says Katie Sedlaceki, Detailing Manager, Harris Rebar Ambassador Steel. “We are able to bring them an interactive presentation that showcases the highlights of what we have to offer as well as what their career with us may look like. It’s a personal approach that lets the students know that their skills and abilities are in demand within the industry as we are actively seeking them out.”
These types of interactions are invaluable to both the students and the employers. “(It) allows them to ask any questions they may not have been comfortable to ask in the classroom and gives us a better understanding of what the students are looking for,” says Sedlaceki.
In addition to filling immediate openings, on-campus recruitment also allows your organization to:
  • Establish relationships with departments and instructors in your field
  • Promote your brand within the industry
  • Build a pipeline of future potential hires
 In the fight for today’s top talent, it’s equally as important for your company to make an impact as it is for potential candidates. Personal interaction is a sure-fire way to get your employer brand to resonate with students. Send your most energetic and positive employees to make some personal connections that leave a lasting impression.
On-campus recruitment on technical college campuses has made all the difference in the hiring process for Wisconsin’s employers like Harris Rebar. “Our employees have all been hired from technical colleges and we find that they are a perfect fit for our business, ready to hit the ground running,” says Sedlaceki.
If you’re interested in campus recruitment, contact Career Services at your local technical college.
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