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Find your next job candidate with Wisconsin TechConnect [TM]
We are in the midst of a worker shortage in Wisconsin that will worsen as baby boomers retire and new jobs are created. No industry is immune to this worker shortage, with an unprecedented amount of positions going unfilled in health care, manufacturing, IT among others. And, as you know, the longer a job remains unfilled, the bigger the economic impact on your organization.
With the need for skilled workers on the rise, a growing concern for HR professionals is finding the right candidates — those who possess the necessary skills, experience, educational qualifications and credentials to be successful. In a 2016 SHRM case study on Recruiting Difficulty and Skills Shortages, 51% of organizations cited a low number of applicants as a leading factor. Another 50% pointed to a lack of needed work experience among the candidates, while 49% cited candidates’ lack of technical skills.
A question you may continuously find yourself asking is: Where are all the qualified candidates? Since 1999, Wisconsin TechConnectTM has been helping to bridge the gap between employers and graduates. Wisconsin TechConnect is a free, statewide online employment connection where employers can post job openings and find Wisconsin technical college graduates to fill them. When employers post jobs on Wisconsin TechConnect, they are getting in front of students from all 16 technical colleges across the state. These are students who have had hands-on, specialized training and are qualified to do the work.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Go to www.wisconsintechconnect.com
  2. Click on the word “Register” and select “Employer”
  3. An employer posts a job opening, which can be viewed by all graduates and registered students
  4. That job posting is emailed directly to those students/alumni who match specific program/skills criteria and are registered for this service
  5. Once the position is posted, typically within three business days, the employer can login and review resumes that may be available for the job posting. Students may also apply directly to the employer.
Wisconsin TechConnect is also a place where technical college graduates and students seeking employment in a specific area can find you. Your job posting will be viewed by those looking for certain job requirements, who desire your job location and who want your job type (full-time, part-time, internship).
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