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The Membership Director is responsible for providing leadership to membership activities in chapters, particularly assuring that chapter membership directors have access to resources necessary to recruit at-large SHRM members to chapters, local chapter members only to SHRM, and non-affiliated HR professionals to both organizations.



It's Strategic Planning Time!

by†Barb Hamann, WI State SHRM Membership Director

Itís strategic planning time! Across WISHRM, our fabulous chapters are in the process of putting together their membership goals and plans. Whether youíre just starting out your HR career, looking to network with other professionals, seeking a professional certification, or need an outside source for industry trends, consider finding a local chapter AND/OR SHRM membership!

If you are currently local chapter members, we are so grateful that you participate in a local chapter.† Your local chapter board is working hard at the year ahead and they appreciate your support and involvement! If you are not a SHRM member, your local chapter also encourages you to consider purchasing a SHRM membership in 2021.† It will help you advance your network, your knowledge, your resources. Not to mention, becoming a SHRM member also helps your local chapter meet goals around membership. SHRM has over 300,000 HR professionals all over the world, offers emerging news on trending HR issues, provides updates on state and local compliance, offers tailor made templates for many key HR activities and gives you answers to HR questions with Ask an Advisor. For $219.00/year, you will be provided amazing benefits and it can and will rejuvenate your WHY!

SHRM Members, not feeling connected in your own community? Are you ready to get involved and meet local members? Yes, your SHRM membership gives you access to a larger community but it is pretty impactful to have local resources in your own community and work together to support workforce efforts and rise up the local HR talent.† Find a WI chapter near you† Membership fees will vary by chapter but they are super reasonable and worth a visit to check out a meeting! Why not this year?

For questions or to learn more about SHRM or local membership, please direct any inquiries to†

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Barb Hamann
WI SHRM Membership Director

Rockline Industries
Ph: (920) 451-7696


Over 20 years of HR Generalist, Benefits and Recruiting has further developed my passion for building professional connections and linking people to positions that fit their personal and professional goals.

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