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Erinn Stromberg, CCWP
Government/ Legislative Affairs Director

Term start:† 1/1/2021


Erinn Stromberg is Vice President of Human Resources at Engauge Workforce Solutions (formerly Nissen & Associates Staffing Continuum) where she has worked for over 24†years.† Erinn has been with Engauge since its infancy and the company has grown to multiple offices throughout SE Wisconsin, along with an office in Fairfield, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan.† She is a Certified Contingent Workforce Professional and also a member of the Waukesha Area Safety Council Leadership Group where she holds a position as Outreach Coordinator.† Erinn began her tenure at Engauge as a recruiter and now focuses on internal and external customers with regards to Human Resources.† Erinnís focus is on employment law, insurance benefits, workerís compensation/safety, internal recruiting/retention, employee engagement, career development and training.†† Prior to working at Engauge, Erinn was a national physician recruiter in Columbia, South Carolina and a national allied health recruiter.† Erinn is a UW-Madison graduate.† She resides in the Eagle/Mukwonago area and is married with three children.† Erinn is very excited to be involved with the SHRM family in her role as Legislative Director.††

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