Position Description & Duties

The Treasurer directs the financial affairs of the State Council.

Responsible To:

State Director

  1. Attend all State Council meetings, actively participating in Council matters.
  2. Maintain all financial records of the State Council required by law or the Society.
  3. Prepare, interpret and disseminate periodic financial status reports for approval by the State Council.
  4. Prepare annual budget of revenue and expenses and submit it for State Council approval.
  5. Maintain financial records and make financial transactions for all State Council events and programs.
  6. Oversee financial transactions and budgeting activities as carried out by the association management company.
  7. Chair the Finance Committee.
  8. Participate on the State Conference Committee with budgeting and income/expense monitoring.
  9. Perform other duties as assigned by State Director.


  • SHRM membership in good standing required.
  • SHRM certification preferred.

Serves a one-year term beginning the first day of January and ending the last day of December. May be re-elected for two additional terms for a total of three years.

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Contact Information


Lisa Henke, SHRM-CP, PHR

Ph: 262.741.7947

Term Start:  1/1/2022


Over the past six years at Walworth County I have been responsible for the oversight of the self-funded insurance budgets for health, dental, workers compensation and risk policies (includes liability and property insurance).  These budgets require me to manage a range of $600,000 to $18 mil in annual expenses and revenues. I am responsible for the creation and presentation of these budgets to the upper management and county board.  Once approved I am responsible to monitor they are performing correctly throughout the year and make recommendation to amendments if needed.  Additionally, I have sat on several boards listed above and been responsible as a member for the approval of the produced financial statements for the organizations and assisting in making recommendations for changes if need be.

WI SHRM State Conference volunteer since 2006 in a variety of roles ranging from conference co-chair to leading the accommodations, volunteers, and exhibits committees. As a conference co-chair you are responsible for building the budget for the conference and assisting your committee co-chairs to work within the established budget. From
2014-2016 served as the Conference Liaison. This role has enlightened me on the different moving parts of our Council and how the 3 different conferences play a role in our organization as a whole. This role required a lot of attention to detail and the ability to negotiate contracts in the best interest of WI SHRM to keep each conference within budget. I previously held the role of Partnership/Sponsorship Director for WI SHRM. In this newly established role I was able to coordinate that effort and design a streamlined approach to WI SHRM current and future “Asks” to maintain a solid sponsorship budget for WI SHRM.


Additional Information