Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Award Nomination Process

Diversity Award
What is the Workplace Diversity Advocate Award and why is it offered?

To recognize those organizations and/or companies who foster an inclusive work environment in which all employees are inspired to contribute their best through their different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. Award an organization who has been a role model in their local community as a strong advocate for diversity. This award will be based on organizational achievements. The Workplace Diversity Award is presented to the recipient at our annual WI State SHRM Conference at the Kalahari Resort and Conference Center in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Who is eligible?

Organization/company nominated for this award should:
  • Have displayed diversity in their local community.
  • Be a role model for others in their advocacy of diversity.
  • Have demonstrated leadership in championing the cause of racial, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and other aspects of diversity within the human resources profession and community.
  • Be an organization, company or division of an organization/company that is based in the State of Wisconsin.
Who can nominate?
  • Nominations may be submitted by a member of the Wisconsin State Council of SHRM (e.g., SHRM Chapter Presidents, Functional Directors, Regional Directors or Officers).
  • Nominations may also be submitted by a Chapter Diversity Advocate/Chair from a Wisconsin SHRM Chapter.  (Local Chapter Members and Chapter Board Members may prepare nominations for submission by their SHRM Chapter President or Chapter Diversity Advocate/Chair.)
  • An organization can self-nominiate by submitting the application to the board of their local chapter or directly to the Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex, WI SHRM.
NOTE:  If you are nominating an organization other than your own, please work directly with the organization to fill out the nomination form.  We want to ensure that the organization has had the opportunity to add initiatives, etc. to the application.

What is the nomination process?
  • Complete the nomination form online below and submit by the deadline.  Questions should be directed to:
Connie Bitter - WI SHRM State Director

Matt Glowacki - WI SHRM Diversity, Inclusion, Workflex Director

When are nominations due?
  • A completed nomination form must be received by September 15, 2023, for consideration.
How are recipients selected?
  • Nominations will be reviewed by a Diversity Awards Committee of the Wisconsin State Council of SHRM and will be based on an organizations achievements.

Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Advocate Nomination
All fields are required.
Nominee Information:
Nominator Information:
Please complete all of the questions in a descriptive format to be considered for nomination.
Question 1
Describe internal and external practices implemented within the organization that demonstrate efforts to advance Diversity and Inclusion in its workforce?
Question 2
What are some examples of things that the organization has done that have made an impact in advancing Diversity and Inclusion within the organization?  (Please note specific activities that demonstrate that the organization "walks the walk.")
Question 3
How has the organization including its leadership and through its practice and policies, show their awareness and commitment toward diversity and inclusion? (Providing examples as appendices is helpful)
Question 4
How has this organization demonstrated their commitment toward diversity/inclusion within thier community?
Question 5
Employers often offer workflex initiatives in a variety of way from such activities as working from home, giving paid time off to workout/exercise to the use of a creative room to decompress.  Describe any activities that this organization offers its employees.
Nominator Guidelines
The process for nominating candidates for awards will be greatly simplified if the nominator reviews the spirit and intent paragraph under the Criteria and Process section and by considering the following guidelines:

  • You, as the nominator, can significantly influence the selection process by accurately completing the online nomination form, by providing any documentation as appendices, (i.e. Policies, metrics, etc. that demonstrate organizational impact or culture change) and supplying relevant information in concise and English.
  • Consider the distinctive features of the award as described.  Embedding diversity and inclusiveness into a structural/institutional aspect of the organization (e.g., policy, procedure, tradition, vision statement, learning and development activities, etc.)
  • Review the examples of previous award winners as described on the WISHRM website.
  • Nominations will be evaluated for outstanding accomplishments in achieving and sustaining diversity and inclusion within the nominated organization and within the broader community it is located in.
  • Provide examples of promoting inclusion within the organization through efforts such as visibility, communication and education.
  • Cite any recruitment and retention efforts that demonstrate efforts to recruit and retain a diverse workforce and promote inclusion within the organization.

Submission Information

Please submit any additional information such as appendices to the WI SHRM Administration at as pdf attachments.  

**IMPORTANT:  Please include the name of the Organization Nominated in the subject line.

Questions should be directed to:

Connie Bitter - WI SHRM State Director

Matt Glowacki - WI SHRM Diversity, Inclusion, Workflex Director

Questions about the nomination form or submitting appendices can be directed to:

WI SHRM Administration
ph:  (608) 204-9827

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Contact Information


Matt Glowacki
Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Director

Ph: 608.825.7923


In his professional career as a speaker and advocate, Matt has delivered his messages to over a million people at hundreds of regional and national conventions along with two sitting presidents of the United States. 

Matt was a member of the US Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Team for eight years.  While playing matches in 26 countries, he competed in the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia, and in the World Championships in Cairo, Egypt in 2002.

In 2017, he published his first book Able-Bodied Like Me.  Reviewed by Kirkus as a “Perceptive discussion of disability and bias.”

Matt Glowacki was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. 

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