Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Director

Position Description and Duties

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Workflex Director is responsible for assisting members and chapters in valuing diversity in SHRM, our member companies and in the workplace in general.

State Director


  1. Attend all State Council meetings and actively participate in Council matters.
  2. Educate members to increase awareness of diversity issues and provide resources, including best practices information, to help them manage diversity in their own workplaces.
  3. Participate in outreach activities to increase diversity among the SHRM membership and volunteer leadership.
  4. Develop and coordinate recognition for diversity-related activities at the State level and the chapter level, including the coordination of the Chapter Diversity Award and the state level Diversity Award.
  5. Assist local chapters with their diversity efforts and activities, such as diversity-related programming.
  6. Participate in Core Leadership Area (CLA) events, including the SHRM National Leadership Conference, the National SHRM Diversity Conference, and state-level conferences, to obtain and share news and ideas.
  7. Utilize National SHRM resources as needed.
  8. Encourage Council members to participate in or view volunteer leader diversity-related webcasts
  9. Serve as the contact for the Council's When Work Works Community Partnership and maintain the relationship, including promoting the award and coordinating the awards event.
  10. Perform other duties as assigned by State Director.
  • SHRM membership in good standing required.
  • SHRM certification preferred.
Serves a one-year term beginning with the first day of January and ending the last day of December. May be reappointed for two additional terms for a total service of three years.

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Contact Information


Matt Glowacki
Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Director

Ph: 608.825.7923


In his professional career as a speaker and advocate, Matt has delivered his messages to over a million people at hundreds of regional and national conventions along with two sitting presidents of the United States. 

Matt was a member of the US Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Team for eight years.  While playing matches in 26 countries, he competed in the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia, and in the World Championships in Cairo, Egypt in 2002.

In 2017, he published his first book Able-Bodied Like Me.  Reviewed by Kirkus as a “Perceptive discussion of disability and bias.”

Matt Glowacki was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. 

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