WI SHRM 2023 
State Conference

October 11-13, 2023
Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI






2023 State Conference Keynote Speakers

Paul Krismer   |     Erik Dominguez    |    Sarah Noll Wilson
Thursday, October 12, 2023 – Paul Krismer
8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. 
"Resiliency in the Midst of Uncertainty:
Deploying Proven, Powerful Tools to Achieve Success"

A powerful emotional context permeates all aspects of our lives presently — uncertainty. A global pandemic, economic threat, and political strife are layered onto our already hectic, demanding lives. How can people not only cope, but thrive personally and professionally?
Paul Krismer brings the science of positive psychology to bear. With practical advice coupled with funny storytelling, Paul provides an inspiring toolkit for resilience! Paul explores the threat of burnout,
shining a light on the three levels of increasingly debilitating stress. He then shifts focus to the tools that insulate workers from emotional exhaustion.
Embrace the research results that prove positive emotions come readily when certain skills are learned. See how these skills demonstrably lead directly to greater success. Come away equipped to fuel your personal happiness and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence.
Learning Objectives
           Three levels of burnout
           Scientifically connecting positive emotions with stress management
           Neurophysiology: how the brain can be re‐wired
           Overcoming negativity bias

Paul is an international happiness expert helping organizations embrace practical tools of positive psychology to build committed, high-performing teams. He uses his extensive executive experience to work with leaders who know that the strength of their business is found in their people.

With over twenty-five years as a senior corporate leader, a radical and practical use of cutting-edge science, and a passion for driving real results, Paul takes audiences on an interactive and engaging journey where they gain a new perspective on their workplace culture AND their own personal leadership potential.

From Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, to the U.S. Military, he has helped emerging leaders in nearly every industry to experience a paradigm shift to successful people management. Paul has spoken to tens of thousands of people on five different continents. He is equally comfortable with audiences in the thousands as he is leading intimate executive retreats.

Paul makes great science accessible and entertaining. Each customized presentation carries your audience into a deep personal reflection. The number one adjective received from thousands of feedback surveys is the word “engaging.” Your audience will be riveted as they see themselves in the learning content. As the sole focus of the show, they leave happy, energized, and committed to action.

As the best-selling author of Whole Person Happiness and the soon to be released next book Beyond Profit & Productivity, Paul comfortably makes the connection between a universal desire for happiness and the practical utility of positive emotions in the workplace.

He is a member of the Canadian Speakers Association, the U.S. National Speakers Association, and a proud member of the Global Speakers Federation.

Friday, October 13, 2023 – Erik Dominguez
8:30 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. 
"The Three T's of Confidence: Building Lasting Self-Trust to Achieve Your Dreams"

Unexpected change is the new norm, and the pressure to navigate it falls on leaders. As a result, we’ve seen increased anxiety, burnout, turnover, and poor decision-making. Our leaders lack (and leak!) the confidence needed to keep up with the ever-changing workplace.
But what if we could train leaders to lead well and in any situation simply by improving confidence? What if we could learn the tools to build confidence that lasts and levels up our entire team?
In this live or virtual experience, Erik uses the Three T’s of Confidence to equip new and seasoned leaders to help them build authentic confidence, navigate change, and find balance in an unbalanced world.
His high-energy delivery and science-backed content will have participants leaving more confident and better equipped to lead at new levels…immediately!
Learning Objectives:
-Redefine confidence and identify the common barriers to self-assurance
-Learn and apply the Three Ts for lasting confidence
-Establish new mindsets that energizes teams and avoids burnout

Erik Dominguez is a communication and confidence expert with over 25 years of experience teaching thousands of individuals from all walks of life how to speak up for themselves. As an immigrant who grew up between two cultures and mixed messages, his familiarity with communication fears fueled him to learn and share the mindsets and tools to be seen and heard. His team-oriented approach has centered around a philosophy that everyone has a unique story and believes that everyone can share their minds and hearts with confidence, power, and - yes - a LOT of fun!

Friday, October 13, 2022 – Sarah Noll Wilson
12:15 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. 
"From Surviving to Thriving: Helping Team Members Navigate Change"
Friday's Keynote Sponsored by Anthem

Our goal as leaders is to set up our organization, customers, and team members for success. Change has always been inevitable, but we are experiencing challenges beyond what most of us have ever had to navigate. There are real barriers to move our organizations from surviving to thriving. What do we do? We jump into problem solving. But what if we are solving the wrong problems? Being an effective leader requires diagnosing the entire situation, regulating the heat of the those around us, and experimenting quickly. 
Leveraging the work of Adaptive Leadership and Immunity to Change, along with over a decade of research and personal experience, Sarah will share practical insights, grounded in science, to help you lead others not only to survive change, but thrive.

Accelerate recovery, navigate resistance, and build resilience during times of change by learning:

Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. is on a mission to help leaders build and rebuild teams. Our goal is to empower leaders to understand and honor the beautiful complexity of the humans they serve. We create a safe, honest environment, preparing people to deal with real-world conflict, have more meaningful conversations, and create purposeful relationships. Working with CEO's, HR leaders, and organizations that care deeply about their employees and understand the connection between employee development, employee satisfaction, and organizational success, Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. specializes in transforming relationships from good to great.  
Through her work as an Executive Coach, an in-demand Keynote Speaker, Researcher, Contributor to Harvard Business Review, and Bestselling Author of “Don’t Feed the Elephants,” Sarah Noll Wilson helps leaders close the gap between what they intend to do and the actual impact they make. She hosts the podcast “Conversations on Conversations,” is certified in Co-Active Coaching, Conversational Intelligence, and is a frequent guest lecturer at universities. In addition to her work with organizations, Sarah is a passionate advocate for mental health.   
With 15+ years in leadership development, Sarah earned a Master's Degree from Drake University in Leadership Development and a BA from the University of Northern Iowa in Theatre Performance and Theatre Education - no wonder clients love the energy she brings to their teams! When she isn't helping people build and rebuild relationships, she enjoys playing games with her husband Nick and cuddling with their fur baby, Sally.  



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