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Have You Made A Difference in Someone’s Life by Doing Your Job in HR?

The best part of working is Human Resources is being able to help people. 

When times get tough, most of us find inspiration to do our job in HR, because we found out that we helped someone by doing our job, and it worked.

Please share that story with WI SHRM by contributing “Your HR Hero Story” to Diversitydirector@wishrm.org

We will post them on the WI SHRM Mental Health in the Workplace Support Webpage, https://accommodateinplace.com/

Here is the basic idea for the format.  I hope this helps, but please feel free to make it yours.  In just a few sentences I am looking for:
  • What was the concern of issue you were addressing initially with your team member?
  • How you helped or what you did or provided to the employee?
  • How they told you or expressed to you that you helped?
  • How did it make you feel about yourself and the job you get to do?
Please leave all specific info about the person out, just generalizations to protect privacy. How did it make you feel about yourself and the job you get to do?
We have the first five already on the site.  Thank you to the early adopters and believers who already shared their stories!!!  Check them out here:  https://accommodateinplace.com/hero-stories/

Thank you so much again.  WI SHRM really sees value in sharing these stories with other HR professionals that might wonder why they chose this profession and where the benefits come from when we help others. 

We look forward to reading them and being able to share your work to inspire more people to share the positive ways they have made a difference.

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