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New EEOC Poster Describes Employees’ Rights
By Storm Larson, Attorney

The EEOC has just released an updated version of a poster which employers must post in conspicuous spots in their workplaces. The poster describes what activities are prohibited under federal law, who is protected, and who to contact if you believe you have suffered unlawful discrimination. The poster contains information on statutes such as Title VII and the ADA.

This poster does not mark any new changes in the law, but the poster itself serves as a compilation of information which informs employees of their rights under various employment discrimination statutes. Most employers will likely need to post this new poster in a conspicuous location in the workplace.


Where To Find The New Poster

The updated poster can be found at www.eeoc.gov/poster. This webpage includes versions for electronic posting as well as versions for printing and physical posting and disability-accessible formats.  (Click here to download.)

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