Conference Liaison Director Elect

Position Description and Duties

The Conference Liaison Director Elect helps to providestrategic direction and leadership as it relates to the management of all activities related to coordinating an annual State Council Conference and assists with the coordination of other State Council sponsored conferences, such as the State Leadership Conference and Workplace PolicyConference with the Conference Liaison Director.


  1. Attend all State Council meetings and actively participate in Council matters.
  2. Demonstrates active leadership on WISHRM Executive Team
  3. Provides onboarding and strategic direction to all Council Event Chairs.
  4. Facilitate the annual nominations process for the selection of the State Conference Co-Chairs and provide annual onboarding to selected State Conference Co-Chairs.
  5. Provide strategic direction to Conference Co-Chairs throughout the Co-Chair commitment to the State Conference.
  6. Work with the State Conference Co-Chairs to appoint qualified individuals to manage specific functions related to the State Conference with the objective of selecting individuals throughout the State from various Chapters.
  7. Oversee the development and monitoring of State Conference budget and ensure objectives are met or exceeded, in conjunction with the State Conference Co-Chairs and Treasurer, subject to Finance Committee and State Council approval.
  8. Serve on the State Conference Committee and provide leadership and direction to committee members, monitoring all activities related to the conference.
  9. Assist with securing sites for the State Conference, State Legislative and the State Leadership Conferences, in conjunction with the State Conference Co-Chairs, the Leadership and the Governmental Affairs Director.
  10. Promote SHRM and the State Council collaboration in all conference activities and programming.
  11. Facilitate the completion of the annual vendor directory on the state council website.
  12. Participate as a member of the Finance Committee.
  13. Attend another SHRM State Conference in the North Central Region to obtain and share information and ideas.
  14. Perform other duties as assigned by State Director.

National SHRM membership in good standing required. SHRMcertification preferred.

Serves a one-year term beginning the first day of January and ending the last day of December. Appointed by the state council director. The volunteer then steps into the Conference Liaison Director role.

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Position to be filled in 2026
Conference Liaison Director Elect



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