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Key Factors That Drive Job Seekers Today

Here at Celerity Staffing Solutions, we interview job seekers from all over the state of Wisconsin for a wide range of positions and industries. This experience provides us with insight into what key factors job seekers consider when pursuing a job. What is surprising is that these findings are very similar across life stages, career paths, and professions. The list below highlights what we see as the most important priorities job seekers consider when applying for a job.
  1. Competitive and Clear Compensation - As always, job seekers want a competitive rate of pay. Further, job seekers want a clear picture of compensation up front. Job postings with “pay based on experience” or “Potential to earn more” are often red flags for job seekers. Employers hedging their bets by being vague, or open-ended in regards to compensation are missing out on good candidates who are skipping the post because of unclear language. Being clear and forthright regarding compensation sets the tone for how the company will communicate during the employment relationship and also ensures that everyone is on the same page with regard to expectations.
  1. Work/Life Balance - Now more than ever job seekers are looking for boundaries AND flexibility. Mandatory overtime, inconsistent shifts, or the inability for any flexibility are more often deal breakers today. Even if fully remote or hybrid work is not an option for the positions you are hiring for, providing flexibility for life events with children, appointments, etc. is becoming more and more of a requirement for most job seekers.
  1. Growth and Training Opportunities - No matter what level of a position job seekers are applying for, people want to know that they can grow with the company. Having a clear training program and path for growth, even if limited, are critical elements to convey to a job seeker.

Employers who take the time to focus their job posting and interview messaging on the above key factors are the ones who have the widest selection of qualified candidates and best opportunities to make the right hire.
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