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WI SHRM 2022 Award Winners Announced!
The Wisconsin State Council SHRM is pleased to announce the winners of this year's WI SHRM Awards that were awarded at the 2022 Volunteer Leader Conference recently held at the Hotel Radisson in La Crosse, WI!  Continue on to read about each derserving winner!

Green Bay Chapter SHRM wins the 2022 WI SHRM HR Agility – Member Engagement Award

The Green Bay Chapter was awarded the WI SHRM HR Agility – Member Engagement Award at the 2022 WI SHRM Volunteer Leader Conference had recently at the Hotel Radisson in La Crosse, WI.

Here is a portion of the nomination:
Our GBSHRM Chapter’s Workforce Readiness/College Relations committee developed a Mentorship Program for area colleges.  The program was offered for Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) HR program students. The committee partnered members with students based on current roles the members held within their organizations. 

The commitment was a minimum of 25 hours within a 15-week period. The program offered flexibility for the student and the mentor; they met for a few sessions that are several hours and/or full days; whatever worked the best for the member and the student. These connections included, one-on-one meetings (virtual or in-person), job shadows, temporary projects, coaching sessions and networking sessions. 

Our program successfully matched 5 students with mentors allowing our members to engage in the development of the next generation of HR professionals! We are heading into the 3rd semester of this successful program in Fall of 2022.   

Here’s what the students had to say:   

“Over the course of my mentorship, I had been observing everything and it had me even more excited to begin my career as an HR professional.  I also feel like this opportunity helped me see how to better connect with people, candidates, and employees. I now feel a lot more eager to begin my professional career because of this and it has reshaped what I had originally thought were some solid plans I had in place.”   

 “Being able to do this Human Resource Mentorship was a great experience that helped me get a good idea on what a day may look like when you work in Human Resources. All of these duties and knowledge I learned through this experience will be of great help as I continue in my career in Human Resources.”     “My mentorship experience helped me tie all my learning experiences at NWTC together nicely and gave me the real-world experience I needed to make a decision on my next steps.”    

“Throughout the mentorship, there were many duties and procedures I had the opportunity to experience.  The overall experience with the mentorship was phenomenal and learning all the key components each member brings to create a unified team was excellent to witness.  I feel they touched on every subject they could from an overall perspective and the 25 hours allotted were exactly what I as a mentee needed.”   

 “The experience of the mentorship has helped me discover where I am leaning more towards going in my career. I feel that this has touched base on quite a few different aspects of the HR field, and this is something I would have never gotten to experience without this mentorship. Before this mentorship I had no real direction on where to go or how to even get my career started in the HR field. I honestly had no idea where to even start. I have so far applied this experience to my future in HR by applying for entry level jobs in the HR field at different companies. I valued the time I had so much. It has given me the confidence that I didn’t have before. It has solidified my choice to go to school for HR.”   

Congratulations to the Green Bay Chapter SHRM!

Mary Vogl-Rauscher Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award

Mary Vogl-Rauscher, SHRM-SCP, SPHR with Dodge County SHRM, was awarded WI SHRM’s Lifetime Leader Award at the 2022 WI SHRM Volunteer Leader Conference held at the Hotel Radisson in La Crosse, WI.

Here are her two nominations:

Mary is an instrumental part of our community's bond, not only in the HR sector but for all business throughout. She is collaborative and understands how important everyone's involvement is to the bottom line. Mary has served on multiple boards and committees that focus on improvement and integration of our business community. Specific to SHRM, Mary has been impactful as a founding block to the Student Advisory Club in 2014, which she currently sits chair of and has always been an advocate for the student members - which truly are our future. Her journey is an impressive one all throughout the Human Resource path. She joined the Dodge County SHRM group in 2012 and was instrumental in keeping the chapter alive. Later, joining the WISHRM group as a Programming Chair and now service as District Director, she has paved her way throughout the HR community as a Leader and mentor to all that she's in contact with. Mary is always willing to take on new projects and ensure that the hard work and dedication of any group's volunteers are recognized. Dodge County SHRM has won (3) Pinnacle Awards in 2015, 2017, & 2021 which was under Mary's leadership. It was important to her to see Dodge County SHRM's efforts highlighted. These awards and corresponding conferences have supported our message and help for our community and all local & neighboring HR professionals. Mary is full of life and kindness and always, always going above and beyond for everyone else. She is THE Human Resource professional in the area for guidance and support. Mary is an overflowing fountain of information and a friendly resource if you need that next step in whatever project, you may find yourself in. She has a kind heart, offers sound advice, and leads you in the right direction. She deserves this award 10x over due to her commitment and support for the HR profession and all the many, many lives she's positively impacted. Thank you.

Mary Vogl-Rauscher has been an integral part of the SHRM-Dodge County chapter, being one of 6 people who started the chapter.  Through the years, she has worked tirelessly to grow the chapter's membership to over 70 members.  Along with growing membership, she has worked to create value for members in terms of the chapter being a valuable HR and networking resource.      Through Mary's leadership, the chapter was awarded the Pinnacle Award in 2015, 2017 & 2021.  She was the leading force in each project for which the awards were received.      In 2021, Mary led a committee that hosted the first DEI Conference held in Dodge County.  Through her efforts, over 170 attendees gained ideas on how to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workplaces.  A second conference, also spearheaded by Mary, is being held on July 20, 2022.     Not only has Mary been a leader in the chapter, she has also been instrumental in promoting the human resources profession among students by founding the SHRM student chapter at Moraine Park Technical College in 2014 and was its advisor for numerous years.  In addition, Mary has taught SHRM certification classes for several years.    Mary has also volunteered her time and energy to promote the human resource profession and SHRM at the state level through her involvement as a program chair and is a current district director.      I know of no one more committed to the SHRM – Dodge County chapter, the human resources profession and in encouraging others to pursue and advance in HR careers than Mary Vogl-Rauscher.  She is indeed most deserving of a Lifetime Leader Award. 

Congratulations Mary!

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