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Developing Performance: Creating Buy-in

We can even make the case that it is even more critical now than before the quarantine occurred.† When our employees have been through so many changes and external turmoil, we must take the time to develop a system where employees have the opportunity to buy into our training and development programs.† Letís take the time to help our staff understand the why of the training.

Who would not like to acquire more from their staff?† I am pretty sure everyone reading this blog would like to increase productivity. For us to do this, we need to ensure that our training and development programming is a strategic means of developing employees, enabling each member to unleash their full potential. To do this, we must develop a system where we can increase individual knowledge, skills, and ability, leading to team and organizational performance improvement.† The need to align our training and organizational development plans to the organization's mission, values, and strategies has not changed, but understanding the need for our employees to be flexible and adapt to their surroundings has changed.† This includes cultural beliefs, generational values, and environmental impact to the success of each individual.†

The first step is helping the employee understand the need for training and how the training will help them improve.† Suppose you have taken the time to link the training outcomes to your organizational goals and strategies. In that case, it should be easier to explain how the training offered is important to the success of the employee and the organization.† Next, take the time to connect and help the employees understand their impact on the greater whole.† Donít forget to work together in developing goals and an individual improvement plan.† As you transition through these steps, remember to take the time to create buy-in and ensure that this is a collaborative effort.†Working through these steps will allow each employee to make the connections between their level of production and the success of the organization.

By following these suggestions, you will find that you are developing a culture where training and performance are closely connected to the organization's performance.† Allow employees to connect so they have the ability and knowledge to overcome challenges and minimize risk. We know that every decision made by our staff can lead to an increase or a decrease in productivity.† However, if we can strengthen the ties between leadership, organizational systems, culture, talent, and performance, we can be assured that we have taken the appropriate steps for performance improvement.

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