Government Affairs Director

Position Description and Duties

The Governmental Affairs Director monitors and evaluates, on a continuing basis, pending federal, state, and local legislative, regulatory, and legal activities that may have an impact on the management of human resources.  This Director is also responsible for communicating accurate and timely legislative information enabling members to assess the importance of the proposed legislation.  The Director works in close cooperation with the SHRM Government Affairs headquarters staff along with the State Council in carrying out these tasks. 
RESPONSIBLE TO:  State Director
  1. Attend all State Council meetings and actively participate in Council matters.
  2. Encourage and support balanced and fair public policy which reflects the best interests of the Society, its members, and their employers.
  3. Communicate in a positive and proactive manner the Society's and each member's concern with proposed and existing legislation along with administrative rules. In coordination with SHRM staff and the State Council, initiate action in response to legislation, regulation or legal activities in the state.
  4. Identify, evaluate and disseminate to chapters within the state issues of concern arising from potential legislation, regulatory and/or legal activities within the state which would potentially impact SHRM members or the profession.
  5. Actively promote SHRM’s legislative involvement program, HRVoice to members.  Encourages and organizes state letter writing initiatives/competitions to federal and state legislators on pending issues and/or legislation or HR “hot topics”.
  6. Recruits and coordinates a state contact list of SHRM members who are willing to participate in the SHRM A-Team and in advanced legislative activities.  These activities would include, but are not limited to, providing unique personal accounts on specific pieces of legislation to SHRM or for federal or state congressional use, serving as an “expert” resource/speaker for SHRM on a particular issue and testifying before either congress or the state legislature.
  7. Attend annual SHRM Legislative conference.
  8. Serves as back-up to the Legislative State Director
  9. Perform other duties as assigned by State Director.
National SHRM membership in good standing required. SHRM certification preferred.

Serves a one-year term beginning with the first day of January ending the last day of December. Appointed by the state council director.  May be reappointed for two additional one-year terms for a total service of three years. 

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Contact Information

Elise Rommes

Tony J. Renning
Strang, Patteson, Renning, Lewis & Lacy, S.C.

Attorney at Law
2935 Universal Court
PO Box 3505
Oshkosh, WI  54903-3505
Phone: (844) 833-0823


Tony has been involved with SHRM for six (6) years – All with the Oshkosh Chapter.  He was a member of the founding Board of Directors for the Oshkosh Chapter and has been on the Board for the past six (6) years:
2010 & 2011–Government Affairs Director
2012 – President Elect
2013 – President
2014 – Past President
2015 – Government Affairs Director
He has three (3) plus years of experience serving as the Government Affairs Director for the Oshkosh Chapter.  During this time we have developed one of the premier “Legislative Update” programs in the Fox Valley.  We have a legal update and we invite state and federal legislators to address the group (concerning recent legislation and proposed legislation).  Additionally, he has been to Washington for the National Leadership Conference and took part in “Day on the Hill” – lobbying Wisconsin legislators.  He has numerous connections to state and federal legislators which makes it easy to stay up-to-speed on proposed legislation and also makes it easy to get these legislators involved in local programming (I’m sure the same would be true at the state level).
He has been involved with a number of other non-profit boards in the Oshkosh area, holding a number of leadership positions:  (Propel (Chamber Young Professionals) – Past President; Oshkosh Area United Way – Past President; Wisconsin Family Business Forum (UW-Oshkosh) – Past President; Oshkosh Family, Inc. – Past President; and Oshkosh Community YMCA – Current President (term expires December 31, 2015).


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