Presentation TitlePresenterOrganizationTrackAbility LevelSubmitted
ViewTarget Date Options – The New Fiduciary Paradigm Daley, MattStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience7/20/15
ViewLets Play Jeopardy! Testing YOUR Financial FitnessTopp, JosephFrancis Investment CounselRewardsIntermediate 3-10 years Experience4/21/15
ViewWage and Hour UpdateChiolino, JimEqual Rights Division, Wisconsin DWDStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience4/20/15
ViewBig Goals in Short OrderPoscente, VinceBig Goals Fast InstituteStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus4/09/15
ViewWelless Plan Compliance: Let's Get You To The Finish LineKuhs, ReneeRC Insurance Services, Inc.Strategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/16/15
ViewUsing Your Essence For Engagement, Growth & InnovationGutknecht, DannyPathwaysStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/12/15
ViewUsing Your Essence For Engagement, Growth & InnovationGutnecht, DannyPathwaysTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/10/15
ViewDynamic Leadership: Closing Leadership Skills GapsTucker, ElissaAPQC (American Productivity and Quality Center)Strategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/10/15
ViewMindfulness - Why HR Leaders should Pay AttentionLobocki, DanaMind Groove LLCStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus3/10/15
ViewBckgrnd Screening-What you don't know can hurt youKeller, DebraReference Services, Inc.TalentBasic1-33/10/15
ViewMarathon MadnessHawks, GregHawks AgencyStrategic/BusinessBasic1-33/10/15
ViewYou’re LEAVING? You just got here!Bollinger, MikeOracleTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/10/15
ViewThe Undercover Candidate (tm) Burns, NoraInsightful Endeavors International, IncTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/10/15
ViewNetworking for WorkTimes, TishHireTimes Training & Coaching GroupTalentAdvanced 10 plus3/10/15
ViewCan you navigate the waters of change? Stoker, JohnDialogue WorksStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/10/15
ViewHR Technology Needs for the Workforce of TomorrowGentry, Laura LeeUltimate SoftwareStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/10/15
ViewCEOHogan, MarenRed Branch MediaStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus3/10/15
ViewAttract and Retain Top Millennial TalentKopitzke, ChadBusiness Success Center, UW OshkoshStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus3/10/15
ViewRedefining Your Recruiting StrategyMaul, MarcyADP RPOTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/10/15
ViewWhy Don't Employees Come to Work Motivated?A recenGraci, JohnMRA-The Management AssociationStrategic/BusinessBasic1-33/10/15
ViewTraining HR to Respond to Traumatized EmployeesPotterton, DanFEI Behavioral HealthAccountabilityIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/10/15
ViewMaking Sense of the Millennial Generation: How to Garber, JenniferExact SciencesTalentBasic1-33/10/15
ViewGeneration Accommodation: ADA Compliance Strategies for Boomers, Xers, and MillennialsO'Day, TomGodfrey & Kahn, S.C.Strategic/BusinessBasic1-33/10/15
ViewYikes! What Now? Using Scenario Thinking to Keep HR Relevant Russell, JeffreyRussell Consulting, Inc.Strategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus3/10/15
ViewBelow the Radar: Leveraging the Hidden Drivers of Organizational ChangeRussell, JeffreyRussell Consulting, Inc.Strategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus3/10/15
ViewWhere's Everyone Going? Keys to Reducing TurnoverSilletto, CaraCrescendo StrategiesStrategic/BusinessBasic1-33/06/15
ViewThey Drive Me Crazy! Bridging Generation DividesSilletto, CaraCrescendo StrategiesTalentBasic1-33/06/15
ViewBenefits Communication BootcampTarrell, AndreaHNITalentBasic1-33/06/15
ViewControlling Costs with Innovations in Primary CareMurphy, PattyHNIStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/06/15
ViewHow to Motivate Under-Performing Employees Cox , BonniePower Training InstituteTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/05/15
ViewManaging People, Managing ProcessKing, SteveCenter for Professional and Executive DevelopmentTalentAdvanced 10 plus3/05/15
ViewChanging the HR Mindset Cox , BonniePower Training InstituteStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/05/15
ViewOFCCP: The Dawn of a New AgeHudson, MarkShuttleworth & Ingersoll, P.L.C.Strategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience3/02/15
ViewThriving at Work:HowResilience Skills Tame BurnoutDavis-Laack, PaulaDavis Laack Stress & Resilience InstituteTalentBasic1-32/24/15
ViewMarijuana, Drug Testing, and Today’s WorkplaceDougherty, TerriJ. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.Strategic/BusinessBasic1-32/24/15
ViewPerscriptions for Better Retirement Plan OutcomesFriar, JohnHausmann-Johnson Bauch Financial LLCRewardsBasic1-32/24/15
ViewFrom Conflict Avoidance to Conflict Capable Steinkamp , MatthewResolve Training and Consulting AccountabilityIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/24/15
ViewChampioning Innovation and Leading ChangeCrosbie, RowenaTero International, Inc.TalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/24/15
ViewRetaliation AvoidanceBenkstein, BrianJackson Lewis P.C.Strategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/24/15
ViewDental, Vision, and the ACAMcCown, KateAmeritas Life Insurance Corp.Strategic/BusinessBasic1-32/24/15
ViewIncreasing Employee Engagement & AccountabilityMiles, BruceBig River GroupAccountabilityIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/24/15
ViewCompensation Under FireDuce, JoySikich LLPAccountabilityIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/24/15
ViewThe Fine Art of People PowerBowman, J.D., Jonathan MichaelClear Picture Leadership®Strategic/BusinessBasic1-32/21/15
ViewHow to Lead the Way to Picture Perfect ChangeBowman, Jonathan MichaelClear Picture Leadership®Strategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/21/15
ViewDeveloping the Leadership Rudder & Trim-tabQualia, SuzanneQualia, Inc.Strategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus2/21/15
ViewUsing Essence For Engagement, Growth & Innovation Gutknecht, DannyPathwaysTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/20/15
ViewBenefit Strategies - A Gumbo of OptionsCooper, JanePatient CareStrategic/BusinessBasic1-32/20/15
ViewGoing Postal: Managing Threats of Violence at WorkWalther, JenniferMawicke & Goisman, S.C.Strategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/20/15
ViewIt's MySpace, Not Your Space!Kopplin, KeithOgletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, PCStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus2/20/15
ViewF.M.L.A. Finally Manage Leave AbuseKopplin, KeithOgletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, PCStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus2/20/15
ViewUsing Coaching as a Tool to Improve RetentionSchueller, VictorVS Vision Group, LLCStrategic/BusinessBasic1-32/20/15
ViewDon’t let Data Breaches throw you Off CourseCheney, RaganAssociated Financial GroupStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus2/20/15
ViewOptimize Your Management Spans of ControlSperling, RichardSperling HR, LLCRewardsIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/19/15
ViewSell Reward Programs to Top ManagementLappley, NeilLappley & Associates, Ltd.RewardsIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/19/15
ViewTake Care of Top PerformersLappley, NeilLappley & Associates, Ltd.RewardsIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/19/15
ViewStrategically Reducing Healtcare Costs Burns, MardiAssociated Financial GroupStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/19/15
ViewBattling the Stone Age Brain for Peak PerformanceHenszey, JulieInternational Coach FederationTalentBasic1-32/19/15
ViewCreating Positive Employee RelationsUram, LizMRA-The Management AssociationTalentBasic1-32/18/15
ViewOvercoming obstacles to return employees to workKramer, PegHausmann-Johnson Insurance, Inc.AccountabilityBasic1-32/18/15
ViewHear the Whistle BlowingLoeffler, DavidOgletree DeakinsStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus2/18/15
ViewHealthcare Consumerism for EmployersOberloh, JesseHausmann-Johnson Insurance, Inc.Strategic/BusinessBasic1-32/18/15
View"Integral and Indispensable" to Principal ActivityKopplin, KeithOgletree DeakinsStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus2/18/15
ViewVendor Summits: Partnering with benefits vendors Oberloh, JesseHausmann-Johnson Insurance, Inc.RewardsBasic1-32/18/15
ViewMy Future: Career Exploration for the 21st CenturyMontero Salvatico , YvetteKedge, LLCStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/18/15
ViewCritical Mistakes ERISA Retirement Plan FiduciarieCastellani, DeborahOTB Strategic Consulting, Inc.RewardsIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/18/15
ViewCoaching: A Powerful Tool to Transform LeadersBanner, JennyFlashPointTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/17/15
ViewMotivation of Decision as Cause of DecisionLoefler, DavidOgletree DeakinsStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus2/17/15
ViewKeeping Up with the Affordable Care ActBreitnauer, KarenM3 InsuranceStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/17/15
ViewHiring and Firing in Wisconsin Johnson, MarkOgletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. Strategic/BusinessBasic1-32/17/15
ViewAvoid Hiring an Ax Murderer Without Buying a ClaimJohnson, MarkOgletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.Strategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus2/17/15
ViewSpeak with Persuasive Power & Professional PresencButz, TracyThink Impact Solutions, LLCTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/17/15
ViewTame the Turbulence! Avoid Losing It. Fly...(more)Butz, TracyThink Impact Solutions, LLCTalentBasic1-32/17/15
ViewNew Horizons—Mapping Your Path to RetirementErickson, CoryCareer Momentum, Inc.TalentAdvanced 10 plus2/16/15
ViewMastering the Art of Small TalkButz, TracyThink Impact Solutions, LLCStrategic/BusinessBasic1-32/16/15
ViewInspiring Creativity & InnovationButz, TracyThink Impact Solutions, LLCStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/16/15
ViewWelcome to Dodge:Tales From the Frontiers of Bus.Kortes, JeffHuman Asset Management LLCStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/15/15
ViewGive Employees C.R.A.P...and 7 Keys to RetentionKortes, JeffHuman Asset Management LLCTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/15/15
ViewMyths of Merit/Virtues of Variable - Comp CasesSomersan, RenaVerisight, Inc.MetricsIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/13/15
ViewHow to Achieve the ImpossibleRiggs, BillyStrategic/BusinessBasic1-32/12/15
ViewTurning Vision into ActionMartin-Neville, DorothyDorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, LLCStrategic/BusinessBasic1-32/10/15
ViewHow to Have a Breakthrough at WI SHRM 2015Pittampalli, AlVishal PittampalliStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/10/15
ViewGive Employees C.R.A.P...and 7 Keys to RetentionKortes, JeffHuman Asset Management LLCTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/08/15
View“Communication Bleeps and Blunders in Business”Hunt, ToddThe Hunt CompanyTalentBasic1-32/06/15
ViewCredit and Respect: HR as the Second SalesforceDuchatschek, MasonAMO-Employer Services, Inc.Strategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/06/15
ViewMaking the Needle Move: Metrics that Drive BehavioKulikowski, EricMetricsIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/06/15
ViewCivility In The WorkplaceBellin, StephanieThedaCare AccountabilityBasic1-32/06/15
ViewBreaking the Unwritten RulesWeber, MikeSouthwestern Consulting Leadership InstituteStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus2/06/15
ViewBold HREdwards, BrocThe Human FactorStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/06/15
ViewIts a BreezeLaubach, RhettYourNextSpeakerTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/06/15
ViewWhy You Should Listen to MillennialsWik, TraceyChally Group WorldwideStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/05/15
ViewFollowership: The Four Secret Skills of SuccessBouck, CoryJohnsonville SausageStrategic/BusinessBasic1-32/04/15
ViewDoin' It On Your Own: HR Dept Of OneKleiman, LoriHR TopicsStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience2/04/15
ViewJump! Leaps in Organizational Performance and TeamHart, DavidBlue Skies TeamworkStrategic/BusinessBasic1-31/29/15
ViewPresence Matters: You Must be Present to Win!Radde, Paul O.The Thrival InstituteStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience1/27/15
ViewSo you want to be CHRO: Are you ready?Faulkner, MaryStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus1/25/15
View5 rules to disrupt your HR practiceBrenk, KathleenTCAAccountabilityBasic1-31/23/15
View5 Strategies for Developing Highly Successful PeopPeterson, BenBambooHRTalentIntermediate 3-10 years Experience1/23/15
ViewMore than a Marathon, The Ultimate QuestVanourek, BobStrategic/BusinessAdvanced 10 plus1/21/15
ViewUsing Influence & Impact: Becoming an Effective HRMissildine, CathyIntellectual Capital ConsultingStrategic/BusinessIntermediate 3-10 years Experience1/19/15
ViewThe Optimistic Leader: Creating Positive Work ERueb, JustinUniversity of Wisconsin-Stevens PointStrategic/BusinessBasic1-31/16/15
ViewConflict Happens: Managing It To Move ForwardMerens, BenVistelarTalentBasic1-31/16/15
ViewBehavioral Based Safety & Decision MakingAnderson, DaveAnderson 360 SolutionsAccountabilityAdvanced 10 plus1/14/15

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