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How To Streamline Resume Reviews
When companies post jobs online, they are likely to be inundated with people trying to fill certain positions, even in today's thinning market for qualified candidates. As a result, it becomes incumbent upon HR professionals and hiring managers to make sure they can sift through potentially hundreds of applications and cover letters quickly and easily to expedite the hiring process.

Even in today's low-unemployment economy, many postings are likely to garner significant interest from job seekers, and there may be a few easy ways for managers to quickly evaluate who is a serious candidate and whose candidacy can be discounted, according to The Balance Careers. For instance, when companies ask applicants to specify their preferred salary range, anyone whose response is not commensurate with what the company has pegged as "appropriate" can be dismissed immediately.

Ensuring a person's salary ask is in the right range can help to quickly and easily determine how well they understand the industry, what they would be asked to do in the position, and what it is worth in the broader industry, the report said.

Getting it right

Many companies have a lot more to consider than just how much a person thinks they should be paid. Companies need to have a clear understanding of what they want their ideal candidate to look like, right off the bat, the report said. For instance, being able to quickly evaluate a resume and determine whether a person has the requisite skills often comes down to "feel," but if there's standardization of what qualifies as worthy of consideration, that becomes a lot easier to manage.

Getting through these first two rounds of review gives companies a chance to winnow the number of candidates down to a more manageable number.  How quickly this occurs depends on the systems and automated workflows in place.  Extra time gained through efficient processes allows hiring managers to focus on more serious candidates and act as a gatekeeper for applicants who might not meet a company's stringent requirements.

The best path forward

When companies are looking for the best candidates, it's important to keep in mind that there are far more candidates who can be dismissed than those who should be considered, said resume expert and entrepreneur Jeremy Shreve, writing for the HR Gazette. With that said, however, it's also important to avoid dismissing candidates who are "maybes” based on resume or cover letter alone. You never know, a great candidate may be on the other side of a slightly less than perfect resume and/or cover letter.
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