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Edvest Announces New Summer Webinars
Help your employees improve their financial wellness and learn about Edvest, Wisconsins direct-sold 529 college savings plan. Free Edvest webinars will be held for families during June:

June 9, 11 AM to Noon CT Register

June 23, 11 AM to Noon CT Register

Anticipate and accommodate the needs of your employees by providing them an opportunity to save for future higher education expenses with Edvest at Work. Our workplace savings program is easy to use and requires no contract nor reporting. It is a free benefit to Wisconsin employers and may save employees thousands in taxes.

Learn more at Edvest.com.

To speak with an Edvest at Work specialist please contact:

Khaleel Ali, College Savings Consultant
khaleel.ali@tiaa.org or (414) 410-0009
Serving Southeastern, South Central and Southwest Wisconsin

Kevin Pytleski, College Savings Consultant
kevin.pytleski@tiaa.org or (608) 234-6317
Serving Northeastern, North Central and Northwest Wisconsin

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