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Top 10 Attitudes Employers Should Look For
Top 10 Attitudes Employers Should Look For

More and more employers are realizing that you should “hire for attitude, then train for skill.” The maxim is credited to Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines. When Kelleher became chairman in 1978, he placed humor at the top of his hiring criteria, and almost 40 years later, you can still see that prized attitude in their flight attendants’ pre-flight safety instructions and videos.  A quick search on YouTube will produce more than a few examples to see this in action.  It has been so successful other airlines have followed suit.

According to the Power Training Institute, here are the 10 attitudes employers should look for in a star performer:
1. Find a learner who consistently wants to improve and grow.
2. Hire a listener who will talk only after they’ve listened first.
3. Employ a solver who does not just see problems, but finds solutions.
4. Discover an appreciator who will thank and encourage others.
5. Find a communicator who will speak effectively, not just someone who likes to talk.
6. Appoint a thinker who always searches for better, more efficient ways to do things.
7. Hire a planner who can set and meet deadlines.
8. Select a motivator who has enthusiasm that will influence others.
9. Employ a team player who can work well with others.
10. Find an acceptor who takes responsibility for their own results.
Nordstrom’s is another company that hires for character. “We can hire nice people and teach them to sell,” Bruce Nordstrom says, “but we can’t hire salespeople and teach them to be nice.” While you should not throw out the skill requirements when hiring for every position (brain surgery comes to mind), you can hire better employees when you take their mental outlook into account.
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