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What Makes a Candidate the Right Person for the Job?
There are many qualities that can make someone a good or even great employee, and these can vary significantly by industry and job description. However, there are some qualities that just about any top employee for any business will share with similarly great hires. Keeping just a few of these qualities in mind during the interview process could help companies significantly boost the return on investment they get with each new hire.

1) Go-getters
When people don't need a lot of direction or encouragement to tackle a project, they are often the kinds of employees that end up working out well for years to come, according to Glassdoor. The more autonomy a person can bring to the table, the better off they will be to get their projects completed correctly and on time.

It's not always easy to glean this quality in an interview directly, so hiring managers may need to get a little creative with their approach, the report said. The more free-flowing and spontaneous an interview is, the easier it becomes to see how quickly candidates think on their feet and where they take the conversation on their own.

2) Candidates with pride
Another important key to locking in the right employees is determining whether they are proud of the work they did with other companies and if they would be proud to continue that work with the new one, the report said. An enthusiasm for the culture of the company, and what it does as a consumer- or client-facing brand, can go a long way toward fostering a company-wide passion for the work.

When people speak in glowing terms about past employers or the list of professional accomplishments they put together over the course of their careers, they may be more likely to bring that passion to the new position as well, and also to maintain it for the long term, the report said. For hiring managers, talking about what makes current employees pleased with their work or the company can help get the ball rolling on that conversation.

3) Persistent applicants
Unfortunately, it's not always easy for even the most enthusiastic-seeming candidate to actually work out, or for the best person for the job to really jump off the page, according to Entrepreneur. To that end, companies would be wise to target people who seem most likely to stick with a potentially lengthy interview process. Those who want answers quickly might not always be the right hires, but people who will go through at least a phone interview and then an in-person meeting may be more likely to be truly committed to finding the right fit.

That extra time together will also help companies glean just a little more information about all potential hires.

4) Potential game-changers
Finally, when companies can do a little more to look for ways to diversify their talent pools, they will likely do well in the long term, according to AlleyWatch. For instance, while not everyone is going to fit in a company's culture, sometimes that's OK, because their approach to getting work done might be even better than the prevailing methods the firm has been using for years.
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