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Companies Get Ahead by Identifying Leaders
When companies need to hire a new worker, they may look for those whose skills fit best with the open position. And while this is perfectly understandable, it might also be wise for companies to look above and beyond those base-level skills and try to find candidates who can not only take that job, but also position themselves well to move up within the company as time goes on.

For instance, while hiring for an entry-level position might not require a lot of skills from potential workers, it can be a good idea for businesses to look at some of the soft skills those interviewees bring to the table, such as leadership, according to Hanover Recruitment. After all, when a company is full of people who can exhibit leadership qualities and work well together, it's far more likely to be productive than companies that hire for disparate, job-specific skills.

Identifying leaders
With this in mind, it's important for hiring managers to understand what makes a candidate a good leader, the report said. Those with strong communication skills but who can also be empathetic when it comes to what their coworkers may be dealing with can be good and well-liked leaders in the workplace as time goes on, but so too are those who take initiative to impart some of the knowledge they bring to the job. And while it may not always be easy to identify these skills on the page of a resume or even through the interview process, those employees who come across as particularly engaging and inquisitive in their interviews might be the ones most likely to be strong coworkers and potential office leaders.

Likewise, it's important for companies to avoid becoming too enamored of a potential hire's qualifications alone, because that knowledge or background in and of itself may not be an indicator of how well they work with colleagues, according to Inc. Magazine. Furthermore, just because an applicant previously worked in a lower-level position at a well-established, respected firm within their industry, doesn't mean they are likely to be as qualified to be a long-term leader for the company as someone who might have less experience.

Encouraging collaboration
With these issues in mind, it's important to impress upon potential hires that the company relies heavily on collaboration between coworkers, especially when it comes to sharing wisdom and expertise, Inc. noted separately. This will help interviewers identify candidates who are enthusiastic about the proposition of both teaching and learning alongside their new coworkers, and that get-up-and-go attitude can also be a good indicator that a person is a born leader.

When job candidates can exhibit the basic building blocks of leadership, that's something that can bring the whole company forward in short order. Even if they don't have all the skills necessary to fill leadership positions today, the level of collaboration a company can foster with plenty of leaders aboard may help all involved boost their skill sets over a period of several years or more.
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