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Why Leaders are Crucial During Digital Transformation
Change starts at the top when an organization needs to create a culture of innovation
First, the bad news. Most organizations — even those that are ahead of the game — say that their leadership is not yet prepared to fully tackle challenges of digital transformation.  
But here’s the good news: This is a problem that can be solved with a leadership model called P3: People, Purpose, Performance. 
To successfully transform, organizations must have the right leaders in place. Leaders drive the culture of an organization, which requires them to proactively change and focus on employee engagement, career mobility and upskilling. The P3 Leadership model helps organizations identify, coach and develop current and future leaders. 
To lead in the digital age, business leaders need to combine the best of human and machine intelligence to create an inclusive, tech-enabled, forward-thinking company. Organizations at every stage of the transformation journey will need to identify, nurture and develop existing and future leaders to amplify what’s humanly possible in a digital world. 
Leaders that drive organizational strategy, set the culture and provide a clear vision and roadmap for their people, identifying, nurturing and developing existing and future leaders, will successfully transform their organizations.
Digital transformation is not a one and done. Change is dynamic so agility and continuous adaptation is essential. Feedback from consumers, workers, investors, competitors, even machines and systems will be central to informing leadership decisions.
Leaders in the digital age must encourage a culture of measured innovation, experimentation within clear parameters and must learn fast. They should be prepared to quickly course correct and optimize opportunities. They must break down silos and champion seamless collaboration and exchange of information. And importantly, they must compete for scarce skills, engage talent in more varied ways than before, and champion broader thinking and learnability to fast-track upskilling and reskilling of their people.
The right leadership skills in the right people and at the right time to accelerate transformation success, wherever leaders are in the transformation journey.
Based on evaluation of leadership competencies of 13,000+ leaders across multiple sectors, the P3 Leadership model identifies leaders fit for the digital age.
Learn more about leading in today’s digital age in our latest white paper or contact a Right Management expert to learn more about the P3 Leader model.
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