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Most desirable perks for every generation
In a diverse workforce, it's important for a company to appeal to, and work well with, employees of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and personalities. As is oft-quoted, a more diverse work place brings creativity and innovation to a company. New employees aren't just looking at what positions are being offered but are examining the extras that come with each role. In order to compete, a company who is hoping to attract a broad range of employees needs to be able to offer perks with wide appeal. 
Comprehensive health insurance
As the most expensive benefit a company offers, health insurance often helps recruit new talent, according to Harvard Business Review. As health care costs go up, people who are aging or have families place importance on comprehensive coverage for themselves and their dependents. Plans that allow employees to customize certain portions of their benefits and choose from several payment tiers will help get attention from potential applicants. Plus, healthier employees who aren't worried about paying costly medical bills may perform better at work and that means more productive hours given to the company.
Flexible schedules
The number one perk requested after health insurance is a flexible schedule. Modern employees are balancing continued education, aging parents and current families which makes employers willing to provide alternative hours or unlimited vacation days very desirable. Plus, studies show that flexible schedules actually lead to better productivity, according to Inc. which means this benefit will pay off in the long term.
Student loan assistance
Many jobs now require a bachelor's degree or higher, which often means employees will enter the workplace with student loans. The average amount of college debt in America is currently over $37,000, according to Student Loan Hero, which is even higher than the amount on credit cards. This debt puts a lot of pressure on employees, and companies who are willing to help with that stress may retain employees for longer periods of time.
Great pay is always a draw for new recruits, but employees are looking for excellent benefits packages as well. If a company is able to offer good health insurance, flexible schedules and student loan assistance, they'll attract highly qualified, engaged candidates who may stay long-term. The cost of these perks may be high at first but often offers a great return on your investment.
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