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Volunteering – You’re In It For You Too!

We all have important roles and multiple tasks to juggle between work and life…sometimes we break and ask ourselves “What’s in it for me? Why am I involved in this (group, hobby, sport)?  Why do I do this when it’s not rewarding?”  The Jefferson County Human Resource Management Association wants to send out a THANK YOU to all volunteers and remind you that your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. There are some immediate acknowledgements, and as Amanda Pell from UpWorthy writes “It’s not just nice: Here are 11 research-backed reasons to volunteer your time,” there are some personal benefits too.

For all other chapters reading this… stay ahead of the game. Plan future programs now, to provide yourself a cushion to plan for other “fun” events or socials. This allows you to break away from the norm of routine meetings, educational seminars, etc. and give yourself that time to collect, refresh, and share that satisfaction with the others involved. JCHRMA has finished scheduling half of its 2019 program year. With programming in a proactive position, there’s less hanging pressure for last minute deadlines and the urgency of who’s handling what AND, the chapter can focus efforts on making personal calls and connections to build its membership, board and committees.

For chapter members and other HR Professionals reading this… join! Get involved! Make a statement for your profession and for the community!

Pell, Amanda. “It’s Not Just Nice: Here Are 11 Research-Backed Reasons to Volunteer Your Time.” Upworthy, 20 Mar. 2017, http://www.upworthy.com/its-not-just-nice-here-are-11-research-backed-reasons-to-volunteer-your-time11-fascinating-facts-that-prove-helping-others-really-helps-you.
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