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Empowering Malaysian Graduates for Career Success
Empowering Malaysian Graduates for Career Success

Teaching leadership skills is helping to turn around high youth unemployment in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s unemployment rate is around 3.5% of the total workforce, a relatively low figure compared with other countries. However, its youth unemployment rate is almost 11%, a shockingly high figure given the low overall unemployment rate. Surprisingly, more youths with tertiary (university) degrees are unemployed than those who lack higher education, according to a survey, with 24% of graduates unable to secure a job within 6 months upon graduating.  
Why is this happening when 62% of businesses in Malaysia are having difficulty procuring the right talents? Employers have complained that local graduates lack interpersonal skills and the necessary “character” to adapt to the working environment. This highlights the gaps between employers’ expectations and what graduates have to offer. 
A solution tailored for Malaysia
To bridge these gaps, Right Management Malaysia embarked on an aggressive management training initiative for hundreds of graduates. We conducted over 1500 hours of classroom workshops as well as 5000 online training modules. The Program’s training portfolio included: 
  • Student Talent Enhancement Program (STEP) for high achievers from Malaysia and for Foreign students
  •  RTDM Program (Recruit, Train, Deploy, Manage), a collaboration with a government agency in Malaysia for students who do not qualify for STEP.
Right Management Malaysia took the initiative to introduce STEP as part of its effort to ensure there is a sufficient supply of trained talents that meet the needs of employers. 
For the past three years, Right Management Malaysia has collaborated with SEGi University to conduct a three-month Industry Readiness program to equip high-achieving graduating students from Information Technology, Marketing, Finance & Accounting and Business with the necessary skills for the corporate world prior to graduation. 
Right Management Malaysia has also worked with 49 public and private universities in Malaysia to conduct the RTDM Program to help graduating students get a head start in the corporate world.  Participants undergo a month-long training to prepare for the corporate world. They learn essential skills such as Presentation Skills, Project Management, Leadership Skills, Social Style, National Awareness and Customer Service. 
Personality Assessments are also conducted to highlight trainees’ strengths and limitations, industry fit and career awareness. For example, we discovered that 33% of graduates studied a degree that did not suit their aptitude. Participants became more aware about their career direction through this stage and once they were industry-ready, they were deployed for on-the-job training for 6-11 months. 
By the end of 2016, 600 students had successfully undergone the program. Despite their initial difficulty in landing a job after graduation, 100% secured placements through the RTDM Program. 
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