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Proactive Hiring Can Deliver Top Talent
Proactive hiring can deliver top talent

Operating a good talent pipeline means creating matches between the available candidates and the needs of your organization. Frequently, there isn't a direct 1:1 correlation between the professionals on the market and the vacancies your company possesses. This raises the question of how aggressive you should be in pursuing new employees. Is it better to leave positions unfilled until the perfect candidates are found or bring in skilled applicants who don't match your current requirements? How you answer can define your success or failure in talent acquisition.

The case for speculative hiring
When it comes down to timing the job search process, companies generally let their current demands guide their actions. When an employee leaves, it's time to commence the search. However, recruiting expert Scott Wintrip used an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune to recommend that companies not wait so long to put out feelers. He explained that businesses just about always end up with vacancies to fill, and if they remain engaged in the hiring process all the time, they will have high-quality applicants at the ready when needs open up.

Not only does Wintrip believe companies shouldn't fear launching job searches even without a specific missing predecessor to replace, he called for shorter and more efficient interview periods. When there are several different meetings with hiring managers, yet all of them are simply based on the two sides exchanging basic facts, there is a serious chance that the experience of working for the company will not match what the parties discussed.

Testing whether workers have the hands-on skills to handle the actual tasks they'll face may be a more effective way of bringing new talent on board. Candidates who have shown their mettle dealing with real situations prove they understand the business, more so than if they'd simply been asked questions. A constant pipeline of new hires who truly understand the organization can help companies stay strong.

Aggressive marketing campaigns
What does it really mean to look for candidates proactively? Today, this process likely involves recruitment marketing, with all the tactics of a well-honed sales campaign turned into an applicant attraction effort. HR Dive noted that if businesses want to get through to modern job seekers, they'll have to do a better job of blending the various recruitment-related systems, websites and social media outlets to produce a great user experience workers today are accustomed to. Companies that provide a less than stellar experience may end up driving the best applicants away.

In this competitive labor market, companies today need to do all they can to secure top talent, even if it means reconsidering their current recruitment approach.  A proactive hiring strategy combined with an effective recruitment marketing campaign will give organizations an excellent chance to find the best and brightest candidates in their field.

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